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New fabrics and trims!

Colorful Cotton Webbing

We're adding more stuff to our web shop all the time, and today we've started putting stuff in the ribbons and trims category!

These heavy cotton webbings make great handles or straps. They have a cute white stitch detail along each edge and come in great colors for your next bag!

Shop them here!

New Linens

Okay, it's a little bit off-season for linen (although it really is lovely to sew and wear year-round!) but we have a couple new pieces that are just delightful!

The flaxen print on the left is a lighter shirtweight that would make a perfect blouse for layering.

The bright orangey-red piece on the right is a heavier bottomweight that would look great as pants, skirts, dresses, or overalls!

Shop linen here!


Warm Wooly Wool

We have a couple fun new wools in, too! (And it absolutely IS wool sewing season!)

The lush new napped coating on the left has a rich caramel color and an amazingly soft and cozy hand.

The purple glen plaid on the right has beautifully rich colors and textures. It's an ideal weight for dresses, pants, skirts, blazers, and light jackets.

Shop wool here!


Sew Good Goods event next week!

Sew for a good cause! Every second Tuesday we partner with Sew Good Goods to make projects that benefit the community and the world. 

This month we're meeting on Tuesday, January 10 to sew baby blankets for a hospital in Uganda. Read more about the organization below.

Register for the event here! You can choose your 2-hour time slot!

Can't join us? You can sew at home - this project is simple! 1 yard of flannel and 1 yard of cotton broadcloth sewn right sides together and turned.

The Ruth Gaylord Hospital Maganjo is a nonprofit hospital in Uganda that opened in 2013 and named after a retired Minneapolis school teacher. It is preparing to celebrate its 10-year anniversary in February. Though it has evolved into a general hospital comprehensive in scope and this year had nearly 50,000 patient visits, its principal focus remains maternal and pediatric care. Last year the hospital assisted in 450 deliveries.

MISSION: to provide self-sustaining, affordable and equitable community-based health care services through a dedicated and professional workforce.

The need in this community is very great. In terms of material needs for their babies, women come to the hospital with nothing, and they leave with nothing. We aim to send these mothers home with one nice thing for their babies - a soft blanket handmade with love.

Friday Fun Fact!

Yay, Friday Fun Facts are BACK after our holiday hiatus!

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite stitches with you: the triple zigzag.

In a basic zigzag stitch, the needle makes one stitch for each leg of the zigzag. In the triple zigzag stitch, there are three stitches in each leg.

Most machines made in the last 30 years have this stitch! The stitch selector at right is from our Eversewn Jasmine - see the triple zigzag in the circle?

Here's why this stitch is so helpful to us: less tunneling, less waving, and more stretch. Let's explore that!

Tunneling is what happens when a zigzag stitch draws up in a fold, creating a ridge (or "tunnel") in the center of the stitch line. The triple zigzag doesn't do that!

Check out the orange sample with seam allowances pressed open - the seam allowance on the left is finished with a traditional zigzag, while the one on the right is finished with the triple. Generally the triple gives you a smoother, flatter finish.

On a sturdy fabric, this is less noticeable, but the difference becomes more apparent on a delicate fabric. The same two edge finishes were applied to the gauzy white fabric - regular zigzag on the left, triple on the right.

Can you see how the regular zigzag crumples the fabric's edge? In this case, the triple is the best choice!

Triple zigzag is also a great choice for hemming knits! If you've experienced waving or "potato chip edge" while hemming knits, try the triple zigzag for a nice flat finish!

Plus, this stitch has way more stretch to it than the regular zigzag, making it perfect for tight hems, like at the bottoms of snug leggings. You won't pop a stitch out when you stretch that hem!

Read all our previous Friday Fun Facts here at our blog!

Classes Coming Up!

Register today to make something new!

Spend a weekend sewing with us! Perfect if you live out of town or just want to get a lot done!

Cost: $ 175

Friday & Saturday, January 13 & 14
10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Strip-piece a classic Lone Star quilt the easy way!

Cost: $ 115

Sunday, Jan 15, 22, 29
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Sew this simple, stretchy staple! A perfect introduction to sewing with knits.

Cost: $ 50

Monday, Jan 16
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

It's the sewer's Holy Grail - a pants pattern that fits well! Michele will help you draft your own custom pattern!

Cost: $ 225

Wednesdays, Jan 18, 25, Feb 1, 8, 15

6:15 pm to 9:15 pm

Parking at Treadle!

In addition to loads of street parking available on Grand, Hamline, and nearby side streets, Treadle now has access to an off-street parking lot!

You can park in the Green Mill/Colossal Cafe lot from 10-4 Monday through Thursday. Find it diagonally across the street, next to the gas station.

Coming to a class? You are always welcome to stop briefly in front of the store to drop off your things before you look for parking!

Happy Sewing,
Michele and the Treadlettes
1338 Grand Ave. St Paul, MN 55105     651.698.9690

Open 10-6 Mon-Thurs, 10-5 Fri-Sat, 12-4 Sun

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