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Handmade gifting made easy!

Silky Noil

One of our favorite fabrics is back in stock!

Take a look at Silky Noil, a textured, drapey blend of rayon and linen. No silk here - just a silky feel that's easy to wash.

It's so soft and easy to wear, and looks so much more dressy than it feels. You'll love this fabric in dresses, skirts, wide pants, and flowing jackets.

Shop rayon and silk here!

Handmade Sale!

Our Treadlette Handmade Gift Sale starts today! Shop loads of amazing items made by our own lovely Treadle Yard Goods employees, The Treadlettes!

A few highlights to check out:

Rebecca's Funky Friend plushies and amazing embroidered ornaments!

Julia's Liberty-covered notebooks and home accessories!

Jennifer's handmade bias tape! (We know there's a shortage so stock up now!)

And of course, Alexa's gnomes!

Get your $20!

Need even more reason to stop by? Pick up your free $20 coupon - this weekend only!

Friday Fun Fact!

Have you ever tried the fiber burn test?

It might sound a little crazy, but one of the surest ways to identify a fiber without special equipment is to light a small swatch of it on fire!

Safety first: do this in a well-ventilated area, away from anything else flammable.

You'll need a scrap of your fabric about 1" by 3", a metal tweezer, a heatproof dish, and a flame source - a lighter works better than a match since it has less odor.

Grasp the swatch in the tweezers and bring it toward the flame.

Observe. What's the fabric doing? Does it burn? When you take it away from the flame, does it go out, or keep burning?

How about the smell? Rayon and cotton smell like burning paper, while wool smells like burnt hair.

Study the ash. What color is it? Can you crush it in your fingers? Most natural fibers have a crushable ash, while synthetics make a hard, plastic-y bead.

If you're working with a blend, you may get mixed results, but this test is sure to give you some insight beyond just touch.

Classes Coming Up!

Catch these project classes before the year ends!

Learn to sew a stretchy knit t-shirt the easy way! Long sleeves are a must for winter and you'll have options.

Cost: $ 75

Wednesday 6:00 - 9:00
Dec 22 and 29
Handsew these cute ornaments to brighten your holidays!

Cost: $ 40

Sunday 12:00 - 3:00
Dec 12

Sew a cute apron for holiday baking or any time! No pattern needed - we'll draft simple shapes to measurements.

Cost: $ 50

Saturday 1:00 - 5:00
December 11

Happy Sewing,
Michele and the Treadlettes
1338 Grand Ave. St Paul, MN 55105     651.698.9690
Open 10-6 Mon, 10-8 Tues-Thurs, 10-5 Fri-Sat, 12-5 Sun
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