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Living Online WINNERS!

Congratulations to our giveaway winners! Linda, Sheila, and Rasana have each won a $100 gift certificate to our online shop!

We have had a blast doing live videos these past 10 days. Thank you all for watching, liking, and commenting! We plan to include more live videos in our future, so keep your eye on Facebook and Instagram.

We also really appreciate the feedback you gave us on your dream projects, fabrics, patterns, and classes. Your suggestions help us to serve you better and create a stronger sewing community.

 If you didn't win, you can still shop online with Treadle - click here for our store!

NEW Classes Posted!

We've added new classes for November and December!

Look for more openings in our popular Continuing On, Pants Fitting, and Copy Ready-to-Wear classes, as well as fun holiday crafts, seasonal sewing, and more!

Expand your knit sewing skills with our Knit Leggings class.

Create some holiday cheer with Felt Ornaments!

Make cozy jammies for everyone in Pajama Pants Streamlined.

See all our classes here!

Friday Fun Fact!

Ever wondered how pinking shears got their name?

The word pink dates back to the 13th century, when it wasn't yet associated with a color; it meant to pierce or stab. Eventually pink became used to describe the regular, zigzag-cut edges that were so fashionable during the 16th century and onward. It's possible that without pinking shears, this meaning would have been lost to history.

And the color? Pink is the common name of the garden flower Dianthus, a sweet little bloom with rosy petals and zigzagged edges - they look like they've been pinked! So our Dianthus was named pink for its sawtooth edges, and pink eventually came to mean Dianthus-colored.

You can shop pinking shears and lots of other notions at our website - click here!

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